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Market Equations offers Online Survey Solutions to organizations worldwide to derive quick and cost efficient insights into their markets through their consumers. Company's today are increasingly using this medium of data collection to derive insights from their consumers to gain market and mind share. Although, Online Survey Solutions may seem fairly easy to implement, the use of certain features and techniques are very important for the effective administering of online surveys.

Advertisements drive brand recall and sales today. We probably have not come across a single "good" product that is not advertised. However, the effectiveness these advertisements have also come under the scanner in all organizations because advertisement expenditure take quite a pie out of total marketing spend.

Organizations are today focusing on measuring the Returns (ROI) on these Advertisements and ensuring the effectiveness of every campaign. Today technological advancements and the diversity of audience usage of mediums ranging from the internet to Television to even mobile phones have led marketers and financial officers to understand the effectiveness of each medium and the amount of spend rightfully deserved by the effective medium.

An Advertising Effectiveness Survey can also be used to Build Brand recall, inform customers of a new product, test customer awareness, change customer attitudes etc.

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Some questions that need to be asked to help design an Effective Advertising Effectiveness Survey:

  • What the consumer is looking at when he sees an advertisement?
  • Was the message clear?
  • What factors drive him to "trust" the brand?
  • What is their perception and how do they think?
  • Has their opinion of that brand changed over a period of time? Why?
  • What are the channels they use and the frequency?

Some of our suggestions to launch successful Advertising Effectiveness Surveys:

  • Ensure you are targeting the right audience
  • Don't waste time in asking
  • Asks the "right questions" to get the "right answers"
  • Ensure confidentiality of all responses and respondents
  • The results should lead to immediate corrective action for improvement

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Step by Step process to ensure effectiveness of Advertising Effectiveness Survey programs:


Planning is crucial for the success of the program. We need to be clear and precise about the objective of the survey and how we would go about achieving the end objective.

Questionnaire Design

The questionnaire is designed visualizing the objective. To understand consumer perceptions of brand and what are the key drivers.


The method of administration needs to be confirmed - Online Surveys, phone or face to face interviews. In either case, the survey needs to be programmed to ensure data confidentiality and completion.

Data Processing, Analytics and Reporting

All completes are validated and edited to before being sent for data processing. The data is entered into the required format, coded and tabulated. The tabulated data is then charted with the insights into a presentation ready for executive briefing.

Online reporting is also used in most cases. However, the focus of online reporting is primarily to keep track of the progress of the program and to have a basic understanding of whether the responses are meeting the objective as planned. This monitoring is also useful to make changes to the survey at anytime to get the survey back on track with the objective.

Feedback and Action

Once the surveys are collected it is important to thank them for their time and cooperation to serve them better. You should because their responses would lead to business improvement and bottom line.

What is most important is to take corrective action quickly by understanding the key drivers to brand perception and to analyze trends through historical data. The objective of all survey programs is to direct and manage change in all organizations. It is determined by the decisions makers' ability to use the results effectively through immediate action and translate the finding into measurable improvements.

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